child nutrients.
Seven Essential Nutrients Every Child Require

Food is a vital part of every child’s growth and should be of great concern for every parents/guardian. A healthy child is a wealthy nation as we become what we eat. It is important for a parent/guardian to also consider the nutritional value of each mail served the child. The healthy growth and development of […]

teeth care
Dental Hygiene For Children

Although you may think that it is not necessary to emphasize dental habits until adult teeth begin to come in around age six, baby teeth act as placeholders for the permanent teeth They play an important role in how children learn to chew, smile, and talk, and damage to them can cause substantial problems later. […]

potty training
Potty Training

Many parents are unsure about when to start potty training. In order for potty training to be successful and relatively painless, a child needs to show interest in using the bathroom. Not all kids are ready at the same age, so it’s important to watch your child for signs of readiness such as hiding behind […]