Seven Essential Nutrients Every Child Require

Food is a vital part of every child’s growth and should be of great concern for every parents/guardian. A healthy child is a wealthy nation as we become what we eat. It is important for a parent/guardian to also consider the nutritional value of each mail served the child. The healthy growth and development of a child is partly dependent on the nutritional content of the food he/she eats.

Below are seven (7) essential nutrients necessary for every child on a daily basis.

FATS: Fats are great source of energy and are easily stored on a child’s body. Food to get high level of fats include: Fish, meat, nut, cooking oil, whole milk, dairy products.

PROTEIN: Protein build cells, break down food into energy, it carries oxygen and fights infection. Some protein giving foods are beans, eggs, nuts, poultry foods.

CARBONHYDRATES: This is very important even with the recent trend on cutting down on carbs. Carbohydrates remains the most important source of energy, it helps in building and repairing body tissues. Food with high carbohydrate include: Rice, cereals, bread, pasta, potato.

FIBER: Fiber fights the chances of heart disease and cancer in a child’s later life and produces a child’s later life and produces bowel regularly in a child. Food to get high fiber include: whole grain, cereals, seeds, kidney beans.

IRON: Iron helps the child’s body to build healthy blood that transport oxygen to cells in the body. Food that contain high level iron include: Nuts, beans, red meats, liver, poultry.

VITAMIN C: Vitamin C helps a child’s body build strong bones and teeth. It helps to heal wounds, fight cold, strengthens the walls of the blood vessels. Food that produce high level of Vitamin C include: Cabbage, tomatoes, orange, mangoes, papaya, melon, potatoes.

CALCIUM: Calcium is responsible for blood clothing, nerve muscle and heart function, not forgetting healthy bones and strong teeth. Food to look out for include: Yoghurt, egg yolks, ice cream, milk.

However, the nutrients listed above is not an exhaustive list, rather a great start towards growing a healthy child.


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